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EAP: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Individual Session

Tailored to meet the individual’s goals. A combination of equestrian related activities are used to promote an emotionally healthy lifestyle and to seek the emotional power within one’s self.


These empowering exercises helps individuals find the connection to their strengths within through gaining trust in the horse and ones’ self.


Self discovery through hands on relationship building with horses is utilized. Partnering with the horse enables the individual in the development of a sense of presence, self esteem and confidence. These qualities have a transforming effect on all our relationships.

Groups Sessions:
Corporate, School, Adults, Couples, Family

Groups allow the members to become part of the herd. Through exercises and activities with the horses the group dynamics are quickly revealed. Leadership qualities emerge and new ways of relating are formed.


This is an excellent way to work on individual strengths, family, bonding, or couples relationship building. Children through their affinity with animals are especially open to self expression and growth.




School groups invite students to participate in unmounted equestrian related activities that are designed to stimulate feelings of accomplishment, higher self esteem, patience, greater attention span, problem solving skills, and team work. Groups designed to improve empathy and thoughtfulness have been instrumental in addressing bullying.

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